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NORHAM has been designing and supplying innovative solutions for water supply, sewerage systems and the environment for over 20 years.

ISO 9001 certified in 1997, NORHAM undertakes to provide products and services of a quality beyond reproach. Couplings, seals, check valves, plugs, penstocks, regulating valves : an extensive offering.

If you have a specific requirement, please get in touch! NORHAM can provide a made-to-measure solution to suit your exact application.

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Flood defence

Revolutionary, "unbreakable", the TIdeflex backflow arrester will prevent water backing up in the event of heavy storms, rising rivers, floods, etc., even in the harshest environments.

Sealing, connecting, joining, repairing pipes

Raccordement Flex Seal Plus

Make use of our broad range of multi-material fittings to assemble, repair, and connect pipes made from different materials or in different diameters.

Sealing wall penetrations

Our Innerlynx penetration seal ensures freedom from leaks where a pipe passes through a wall or a bulkhead.

Plugging pipes

With our inflatable and cam-lock plugs you can plug off pipes while working on the downstream network.

Protect yourself from backflow, floods, high river levels

Stop water backing up with our polyester check valves and PVC flap valves.

Storage pond floor protection

The Flo-Plug polyester check valve has been specifically developed to go at the bottom of storage ponds. It will protect your structures in the event of rising water or gas tables.

Shut off, cut-off, flow regulation

Our range of wall mounting stainless steel penstocks are ideal for shutting off or isolating part of a circuit.

 For flow control, see our float regulator valves.



July, 18th 2016

NORHAM welcomes you at the Pollutec 2016 exhibition from November 29th to December 2nd 2016, Hall 6.2 / Aisle G / N°088.

See you in November !

NEW PRODUCT 2015: non-return flap valve ECO-FLAP® N

September, 10th 2015

Designed to protect residential areas from back-flow flooding through drainage pipes

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INNOVATION 2014 : Stink-Shield anti smell valve

April, 22nd 2014

Stops bad smells coming from sewage and drainage pipes.

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